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A Little History

Dublin Language Services started several years ago doing cultural and sporting exchanges between Irish and Basque youth. Shortly after, we started to organize summer courses in the Dun Laoghaire area and given the good experience, we have been expanding our offer with different programs for different ages and according to the demand that arose.

We are constantly adding new services following the recommendations and feedback from our clients. DLS promotes a personal and close relationship between our team members, students, schools and working partners.

Researching and Writing

About DLS

Dublin Language Services (DLS) was founded by Olga Zorroza and Feargal O'Donoghue. The company, Dublin Language School, which was created years before in order to provide language stays for young Irish and Basques, then takes a turn towards a new philosophy that goes beyond learning a language.


We want to use our experience to facilitate working tools as important as fluency in another language. We live in a globalized world in which speaking another language has become essential; We need this to communicate, work and travel around the world.

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